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We provide Traditional Chinese medical treatment; including herbal therapy, tuina (Dao Ying An Qiao), acupuncture, and other TCM therapies.

Your Visit to The Wellspring Clinic

A visit to the Wellspring clinic begins by filling out some forms to provide important background information. After this is completed, during the initial interview you will be given an opportunity to discuss your health problem in depth. Because traditional Chinese medicine addresses the entire body and not just individual symptoms, you will be asked a number of different questions that may not seem related to your condition but will help to form an overall picture of how your entire body system is functioning.

A sample of some questions you will be asked include:

  • your energy level
  • your emotions/mood
  • the presence of any sweating and how hot or cold you normally feel
  • state of digestion
  • any aches or pains
  • bowel movements
  • urination
  • sleep

The interview will also include an examination of the pulse and tongue.

The Pulse and Tongue

The pulse quality and tongue appearance are two important signs that guide traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. The pulse is taken not only for rate but also for characteristic quality. Traditionally there are 28 different pulse types, and many of these can be present in combination. The pulse provides insight into how the body is functioning. The tongue also reflects the internal state of the body’s organ systems. The tongue shape and size, color, coat (papillae layer), and presence of any irregularities are all closely noted to gain greater understanding of how your body is functioning.

In addition to pulse and tongue, we also assess through palpation of the organ system pathways. This provides further refinement in our diagnosis.

After this information is collected, a diagnosis is formed and a treatment plan decided. This dictates which pathways and points are selected for Acupuncture and, as necessary, which herbs will be prescribed in an herbal formula. All of our treatment aim to correct the imbalance of organ systems.

The Treatment

An Acupuncture treatment is usually performed with the patient lying either face up or face down on a massage table. A typical treatment will include up to twelve points for needling, but may include less or more depending on your circumstances. The needles (with or without electrical stimulation) are retained for about 30 to 45 minutes, during which time you will be given a chance to relax and allow the treatment to take effect. Other treatment modalities commonly given are Dao Ying, Gua Sha, Cupping, and Heat therapy.

After the Treatment

Acupuncture treatment elicits a state of calm and relaxation. You may also feel slightly tired. Common reactions to treatment include sleepiness (usually one or two days after the treatment, and lasting up to half a day), changes in appetite (either increase or decrease, depending on the patient’s particular condition), feeling lighter walking, and mental clarity. These reactions are all positive signs that the treatment is working.

Herbal Prescription

After the Acupuncture session is finished, you may be given an herbal prescription. The prescription will typically consist of three packets of herbs, which is enough to make one week’s worth of herbal tea. The herbs are prepared by decocting (boiling) them until a strong cup of tea remains. One cup of tea is typically taken per day. (Click here for more information on custom herbal prescriptions.)

How Many Treatments?

You can typically expect your first visit to require about 90 minutes, and follow-up visits to require about one hour. Usually one to two treatments per week is optimal, with ten treatments constituting one course of treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may need anywhere from one treatment to multiple courses of treatments. This will be discussed on your initial visit. As a general rule, acute problems can generally be treated with fewer visits. Chronic problems may require longer course of treatments. However, every person has a different set of circumstances, so these should be discussed in detail to get a better idea of the treatment schedule.


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